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MiT Space

Are you a first-generation migrant theatre artist living in the UK? As an associate network to New Diorama Theatre’s Broadgate artist development project, Migrants in Theatre is excited to offer *FREE* space to migrant theatre makers. We are thrilled to be able to offer a physical space for our members!

Who we are

Migrants in Theatre is a grassroots movement to buoy representation and support for migrant theatre artists living in the UK. Our mission, values, and dreams for change are outlined in our foundation document, the ‘bundle’. This reflects the ways we would like to see the theatre industry engage with and represent migrant theatre artists living in the UK. It is a living document and will grow as the movement does, providing a thorough overview of our current thinking and position. We highly recommend giving it a read, especially if you wish to apply for a space.

You can read more about the movement here.

Our mission for the space

New Diorama Theatre has provided us with an office space and rehearsal room that we can make available to our extended membership. Our goal with this space is to create a community space for migrant theatre makers to make work, forge connections, explore, and play together. This is a space that will support the cross-cultural commonality of the migrant theatre maker experience, while acknowledging the intersectionality and specificity of each migrant theatre maker’s background.

What you can use the space for

We encourage applications from artists who want to:

Explore their practice.
Develop new methods of making.
Challenge the status quo.
Be radical.
Be political.
All of the above.

You can work toward a specific production, but this is in no way required.

We encourage artists to share their work when they book the space. This need not be a performance; it could be an open rehearsal or a talk with members of the network. (We recognise that circumstances will not always allow for this).

Logistics of the space

  • We are allocating our space to migrant artists with daytime slots (10:00 – 17:00) Monday – Saturday.
  • Candidates can apply for one slot or up to a maximum of two weeks.
  • Some slots may be retained for MiT to run events or workshops. This will be confirmed in due course.
  • A calendar of open slots will be publicly viewable.
  • Applicants are encouraged to indicate preferred slots and a second option to allow as much flexibility as possible to juggle demand. (We will always seek to provide your preferred slot.)
  • Application deadlines will be the 20th of the month for bookings over the following 3 months. (e.g. the deadline on August 20th is for applications to use the space in September – November 2021; deadline of September 20th is for applications to use in October – December 2021)
  • For better planning and coordination we would like to ask applicants NOT to apply with the same dates both via MiT and the NDT main application portal but rather to opt for only one of them. It’s ok to apply via the two as long as you submit different dates.
  • There will be limited space for storage overnight. This is most appropriate for smaller props.

Who can use this space

We are aiming to make this space available to as many migrant artists as possible.

Our hope is to allow all applicants a space; however, we will use a lottery system* in the case that more apply than we have space and time for. In that case, we will shortlist candidates based on the below criteria:

  • One weighting for teams where the majority of participants are first-generation migrants
  • One weighting for migrant-led teams, where a migrant theatre maker is in a key decision-making role for the production

We aim for 30% of slots to be ring fenced for migrant artists who are underrepresented in our movement. This includes artists based outside London, artists of African, Caribbean, West / South / East / Southeast Asian heritage, and artists with disabilities.

After three months, we will be reflecting on the process, and will make adaptations to best serve the MiT community.

*We want to avoid making subjective value-judgements about the quality of the proposed work, so our assessments of teams will focus on equity and equality, rather than the nature of the work itself. Where there are more eligible proposals than there are slots, we will use a form of random selection.

The application

Please note, if you have applied through MIT to use the NDT space, you should not apply to NDT directly as this will delay the speed at which we can review and decide on your application.

If you require the application form in a different format, or if you would like to submit in a way more accessible to your individual needs, please email and let us know how we can facilitate the process for you.

We will start responding to submissions as quickly as we can following the deadline of the 20th, however please be aware that we cannot guarantee we will have reviewed all applications by the 1st of the following month.

And finally …

We look forward to welcoming successful applicants to this creative space!

It is our hope that this space will be used to platform artists whose work aligns with our mission as well as to provide support to marginalised communities within our movement.

This is an experimental process, and feedback is very welcome for us to take into account as the year progresses. If you wish to get in touch, please email